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Bandilang Itim aspires to end the atomization imposed upon us by capitalist society, an alienation that separates us from each other. Bandilang Itim aims to be a banner that rallies together libertarian socialists in the archipelago known as the Philippines.

We at Bandilang Itim want social revolution—a revolution where radically new ways of doing things enters the realm of possibility. We are for forming a revolutionary organization capable of challenging capital and the state. We are for a politics that empowers everyone and endows them with the agency to govern their own lives and the things held in common. We are for the communization of the fulfillment of human needs. We are for a social ecology that recognizes our interdependence with our natural world. We are for an end to alienating forms of struggle and we are against the reproduction of hierarchies and domination in our movements. We are for the recognition of intersectionality in our struggles and the necessity of solidarity with those oppressed—as long as others are not free, we are not free. We are for liberty in all things.

Bandilang Itim aims to republish works by other anarchists and libertarians from the archipelago and its diaspora for the dissemination of libertarian ideals.

Bandilang Itim also publishes original works by members of our collective for a libertarian perspective on politics and social issues in the archipelago.

“Bandilang Itim” is Filipino for “Black Flag.”

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Bandilang Itim hosts its website on Noblogs, an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian web platform run by the Autistici/Inventati Collective. If you would like to help pay for our web hosting, consider donating to the excellent people at A/I Collective. They provide a much needed service for radical collectives all around the world.