The anarchist movement here in the archipelago known as the Philippines has a wealth of insights which we at Bandilang Itim highly appreciate. However we lament that because these insights are not written down, they are lost. One advocacy behind Bandilang Itim was to codify these insights and to preserve these so that future generations of autonomous activists in the archipelago can benefit from these. So we urge you kapuwang anarkista diyan, please write down your insights!

As such, Bandilang Itim is also open for written submissions as part of our advocacy of disseminating libertarian literature in the archipelago.

Submissions must be related to anarchism, libertarian socialism, autonomy, or anti-authoritarianism. Topics adjacent to anarchism such as organizing are also accepted.

We accept written works in English or in Filipino. We currently do not have capabilities to edit and screen works written in other Philippine languages.

Send your manuscripts along with your pen name to:

bandilangitimph [at] subvertising [dot] org