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Ang Programang Anarkista

Sinulat ni Errico Malatesta noong 1920. Isinalin sa Tagalog ni Malaginoo. Pinasalamatan ni Malaginoo si Lahumbuwan sa kanilang tulong sa pagsasalin.

Paunang Salita ng Tagasalin

Isinulat ni Errico Malatesta ang polyetong Ang Programang Anarkista at ipinagtibay nito ng Unione Anarchica Italiana sa kongreso nila sa Bologna noong 1920. Hango ang pagsasaling ito mula sa Ingles na bersiyon ni Vernon Richards sa tekstong Errico Malatesta: His Life and Ideas na inilathala noong 1965 ng Freedom Press.

Original Writing

Why You (or anyone) Should NOT Start a Business

Mula sa mga nais umaklas. Inilathala ni Aklas.

A few years ago, like many of us, I had often dreamt of starting up a small business I can call my own. Like many, I never liked the idea of working for someone else. The fruits of my labor never fully benefited me nor the people I cared the most. So I thought it might be better for me to start considering setting my own shop.

Original Writing

Sa Bisperas ng Mayo Uno

Sinulat ni Malaginoo.

Mahirap intindihin ang takbo ng oras kapag quarantine. Ramdam natin na ang kaganapang matagal na ang nakalipas ay para bang kahapon lang nangyari, kahapon lang o noong isang araw. Pero sariwa pa rin sa kalooban ang huling Mayo Uno, na para bang isang beses lang lumubog ang araw noong kalaunan. Kita naman natin kung bakit. Pareho ang mga problemang ating hinaharap. Pareho pa rin ang panunupil na pinupwersa sa atin. Ang mismong kawalan ng katarungan na ating sinasakdal sa mga may-kapangyarihan ay patuloy na lumalakas, na sinamahan pa ng isang krisis sa ating kalusugan.

Original Writing

On May Day Eve

Written by Malaginoo.

It’s hard to track how time flows in the quarantine. Events that happened long ago felt like they just happened yesterday, or the day before that. Meanwhile, the cries and calls of the last May Day still feel as fresh and ripe, as if the sun has set only once this past year. We can see why that is the case anyway. We still face the same issues. We still reject the repression forced onto us. We still reject the same impunity that continues to be strengthened by those in power, all while we are facing a crisis and threat to our own health.

Even before COVID-19, workers in the factories, fields, and workshops were forced to operate under laws meant for liberalization and modernization, whose better at centralizing profit and stealing the value of the labor by importers and large corporations than whoever is arrested by the PNP for petty crimes. Now that the working hours and pay of workers are cut by more than half, the government will still find ways to surrender the markets of everyday goods to those who sell and smuggle products from other country’s large manufacturers.

What has happened to the hundreds of thousands who used to sell their wares on the streets or in the market everyday who now have to find whatever way to make a buck? How about those drivers in public transport that still wish to get past boundary? How many people worked in face-to-face businesses, got laid off from contractual jobs, and had to go back to their hometowns because they couldn’t find or rely on anything anymore? There are millions who lost their livelihood because those in power hesitated when stopping the entry of foreign capital, planning and organizing the tracing and testing in the healthcare system. Instead, they made a military exercise of the quarantine instead of a medical service.

How many are “unemployed” but continue to labor under stress. How many housewives and husbands are raising a family now that they have to make every peso count? Who are the students who have to put in their hours in their lessons even if their signal can barely load anything, or if they have to pass their modules in their faraway schools, all while their minds and bodies are faltering because of the many things happening in their households? What is happening to sex workers who are being demonized even if this is still a valid way to earn and even liberate themselves? And what of the people who have no other recourse but to disobey the law or die of hunger and thirst?

The night is dark on May Day Eve. Why shouldn’t it be? How many times did the government renege on their mandate to help those worse-off in society? How many times have they made enemies of those who want to help those in dire need, so much so that they made a law defining terror, close down enemy broadcasters and silenced unionists and human rights workers? While those at the top can breathe easily, even planning their futures with the coming election, what will happen to those who can’t even see the next months, weeks, or days?

They call us all terrorists even if we have different backgrounds, and have many intentions in the world. But on May Day, no doubt, we all have the same intentions and that is the freedom of all laborers. The freedom to live without fear of the future. The freedom to labor without fear of work, but instead for the betterment of the self and of loved ones. Freedom to finally go outside, and let out what they truly believe in. Freedom to free themselves from the clutches of the wealth-greedy and power-hungry.

Though the curfews make us quiet on the night of May Day Eve, the tide will rise in the morning along with the rising sun. Even if they stop us, we will continue to flow like the raging river, washing out the filth in our path.

Aklas Republished

Ano ang Mali sa Estado?

Mula sa mga nais umaklas. Inilathala ni Aklas.

Mahilig ka bang mamilit ng iba? Paano kung ayaw nila sa bagay na pinipilit mo? Anong gagawin mo sa kanila?

Gusto mo bang pinipilit kang gumawa ng mga bagay na maaaring di mo gustong gawin? Anong maaaring gawin sayo kung di ka pumayag?

Original Writing

Presumption of Trust

Written by Carolus Plebejus.

The year 2016 was the year in which an elected administration whose goal is to capitalize on growing mass distrust of the people against each other as its brand of fascistic populism has been seated. Ever since then, the Duterte administration has been gaslighting its own people for its own failures, rendering them as troublemakers, contrarians, and suspected narcotic abusers through its online armies of trolls, fanatics, and grandstanding spokespeople, apart from the president’s own dirty mouth.

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Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan/How to Start a Community Pantry

Isinulat ng mga abolisyonistang anonymous. 

I-download ang kasamang flyer! 

Tagalog: Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan

Dumarami na ang mga community pantry o bodegang bayan na nagpapatunay na handa tayong magtulungan dahil tayo-tayo na lang ang maaasahan natin. Ngayong araw, pag-uusapan natin kung paano simulan ito para sa inyo komunidad, na paraan para makahanap ng marami pang taong gustong baguhin at palaguin ang ating mundo.

Original Writing Translations

Ενάντια σε μια καραντινα με χαρακτηριστικά στρατιωτικού νόμου

Written by Simoun Magsalin with input from the Bandilang Itim Collective and translated into Greek by

Ο οπορτουνισμός του στρατιωτικού νόμου

Τον Μάρτιο του 2020, οι άνθρωποι του αρχιπελάγους γνωστού ως Φιλιππίνες ειδοποιούνται για το ποσοστό τοπικής μετάδοσης της ασθένειας γνωστής ως COVID-19. Στις 12 Μαρτίου, κινητοποιήθηκαν αστυνομικές και στρατιωτικές δυνάμεις για την επιβολή κοινοτικής καραντίνας για το σύνολο της πόλης της Μανίλα που προβλεπόταν να ξεκινήσει τα μεσάνυχτα της 15ης Μαρτίου. Αυτή η καραντίνα αργότερα γενικεύτηκε για ολόκληρη τη νήσο Luzon, με πληθυσμό περίπου 53 εκατομμυρίων ψυχών. Η κινητοποίηση του μηχανισμού βίας του κράτους ήταν πιο αισθητή από ότι η κινητοποίηση ιατρικών και κοινωνικών πόρων αναδεικνύοντας τις προτεραιότητες της κυβέρνησης.

Original Writing Republished

Asia Art Tours Interviews Bandilang Itim: Philippines & Anarchism

Asia Art Tours interviews Bandilang Itim.
Taken from: Part 1, Part 2.

To better understand the history of Anarchism in the Philippines and the state terror unleashed by Rodrigo Duterte, we were thrilled to speak with the Bandilang Itim collective. 

Asia Art Tours: From this summer of global uprisings, one of the main lessons I took away was the importance of translation. When it comes to Bandilang Itim (a Tagalog translation of ‘Black Flag’) could you let us know (and take as much time as you’d like), historically what are some of the most important abolitionist/anarchist/communist terms that define the leftism of the Philippines?

Butingtaon: With the recent laws passed to supposedly mitigate the effects of the pandemic, I think one term we should be keeping an eye on is “Solidarity,” which we at Bandilang Itim translate as “Bayanihan.” As opposed to the “Patriotism” and “Nationalism” that is constantly being invoked by those in power and those with harmful motives (very often, the same people) to maintain unity with those who continue to exploit the inhabitants of this archipelago we’ve come to call the Philippines; We offer in its place Solidarity, caring for and supporting your fellow human being, recognizing that overcoming your shared weaknesses is how we build our shared strength.

Southeast Asia Statement Translations

Announcing a Southeast Asian Anarchist Library

The Southeast Asian Anarchist Library is the newest offering from The Anarchist Library which features multilingual anarchist literature from Southeast Asia or in Southeast Asian languages.

Visit the Southeast Asian Anarchist Library!


Ukol sa Penomenon ng mga Tarantadong Trabaho: Isang Rant sa Pagtatrabaho

Salin mula sa Orihinal na Akda “On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant” ni David Graeber. Inisalin ni Malaginoo. 

Paunang Salita ng Tagasalin

Ang akdang ito ay isang pagsasalin sa wikang Tagalog ng orihinal na akda ni David Graeber na On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs: A Work Rant, na inilabas noong 2013. Si Graeber ay isang antropolohista at kilalang anarkistang manunulat sa larangan ng ekonomikal at panlipunan sa pag-unlad ng sibilisasyon. Bilang aktibista, isa siya sa mga unang nakidalo sa “Occupy Wall Street” noong 2011 at sa kaniya kinikilala ang katagang “We are the 99 percent.”