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Ang Programang Anarkista

Sinulat ni Errico Malatesta noong 1920. Isinalin sa Tagalog ni Malaginoo. Pinasalamatan ni Malaginoo si Lahumbuwan sa kanilang tulong sa pagsasalin.

Paunang Salita ng Tagasalin

Isinulat ni Errico Malatesta ang polyetong Ang Programang Anarkista at ipinagtibay nito ng Unione Anarchica Italiana sa kongreso nila sa Bologna noong 1920. Hango ang pagsasaling ito mula sa Ingles na bersiyon ni Vernon Richards sa tekstong Errico Malatesta: His Life and Ideas na inilathala noong 1965 ng Freedom Press.

Original Writing

Defend our Free Spaces! Defend UP!

Written by Hubren Estor.

The Duterte regime’s attacks on our civil liberties continue, this time aimed towards the youth. Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana announced that the DND would unilaterally terminate the UP–DND Accord, effective January 15. This targeted attack by the state is nothing new or unprecedented from Duterte’s henchmen.

The UP–DND accord had ensured the freedom of students to organize within the university by the state and protected the students from state persecution by prohibiting the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) from entering the campuses of the University of the Philippines (UP) without prior notification. This was one of the few hard-fought victories by the students in asserting their rights and a trophy earned through years of resistance amid state repression and forced disappearances. To take that away shows blatant disregard for students’ rights and welfare, and to do so unilaterally—a move whose legality is unclear—only drives the point home. It is a naked exercise in flexing the state’s might and crushing dissent with a mailed fist.

The reason given by Lorenzana in cancelling the accord—that the accord is an obstacle in the administration’s goal of eliminating the Communist Party and their armed wing, the New People’s Army—is proof of the government’s desire to silence criticism by any means necessary. This is a tired excuse! This was the excuse of Marcos in declaring Martial Law, and it is now the excuse of Duterte in justifying his program of murdering everyone in his way. It is the excuse of power-hungry tyrants that view criticism as an existential threat. The insinuation that certain sectors of the university community are communists is another tired trope used to malign activists and obscure the real reason for their resistance.

But in the first place, there was nothing but the goodwill of the DND ensuring that they would always respect the accord. In fact, violations could be seen dating back to last year when students holding a protest action in UP Cebu were hounded by police on university grounds. The existence of the decades-old accords, the CAHRIHL, and even the constitutionally guaranteed Bill of Rights is only as powerful as the will of those in power to respect them, yet this has not stopped the Duterte regime from disregarding them all to indulge in crimes against humanity. The abundance of legislation aimed at uplifting the most oppressed sectors of society has not at all alleviated their suffering. The law of the state is but a gentleman’s agreement: what happens when our rulers are the opposite of gentlemen? We still await the hearings before the Supreme Court of the Anti-Terror Law. Will we also wait for the courts, ostensibly packed with Duterte sycophants, to save us this time?

When the state has turned towards its own people, who do we call? The imperialist United States? They would never make moves against a president who, for all his anti-American grandstanding, still kowtows to them? The CPP-NPA? We have heard tales of their own offenses time and again. It falls unto us to defend ourselves by any means necessary. We must stand against our oppressors, with militancy and force if need be. We must dismantle the supremacy and legitimacy of the attack dogs of our ruling elite. Woven into our history is a tradition of resistance; we must revive it once again.

But no matter what, we cannot let this stand. The students of UP will not let this go unnoticed. The students have always stood firm against the tides of state oppression, most famously during the Diliman Commune—a student-led uprising which saw the university barricaded as students and transport workers on strike fought against the police in the streets. History often repeats itself, and if that means the return of state oppression, so too shall the fires of activism and resistance return.

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What if there are no police & prisons?

Written and designed by Makò Micro-Press in collaboration with ABOLISYON! Download and print this now!

“Communities of care are alternatives to policing.”

Bungad ng 2021 at binibigyan na tayo ng sindikatong estado ng mga karima-rimarim ngunit lehitimong dahilan para sila’y buwagin, kasama ang mga aparato nitong kapulisan na siyang nangunguna sa panlilinlang at pagsisinungaling.

Original Writing

Sensationalism and Smokescreens

Written by Butingtaon.

Once again, the nation has been gripped by another death: that of Christine Dacera, where, for lack of details from the as-of-yet confidential autopsy results and for the peace of mind of our readers, we will not go into the details of what happened. All that we know so far is that this is a tragedy and that her family is still grieving.

Original Writing

Organize around promoting and defending “Freedom Technology”

Written by Butingtaon.

This article serves as a natural expansion of the things I assume we already do individually for our own collectives and adjacent circles. This time, however, we’re pooling our shared skills and knowledge to not only assist radical groups take advantage in digital communication and peer-to-peer production, but also the wider public in general.

Republished Translations

Quico Sabaté: Anarkistang Gerilya

Sinulat ni Peter Gelderloos sa Ingles sa Twitter at inisalin ni Simoun Magsalin. Original text in English available after the Tagalog text. Pinasalamatan ni Simoun Magsalin sina Malaginoo, Lahumbuwan, at Butingaton sa kanilang komento sa dating draft nito.

Noong ika-lima ng Enero 1960, binaril ng mga pasista ang Katalanong na gerilyang anarkista si Quico Sabaté at sa wakas, siya’y namatay pagkatapos ng tatlumpung taon ng pakikipag-laban sa kapitalismo. Noong binatilyo pa siya, sumali siya sa Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT—ang anarkistang bukluran ng mga manggagawa) para i-organisa ang kanyang pinagtatrabahuan (nagtrabaho siya bilang mekaniko sa ilang mga pabrika), at kasama ang kanyang mga kapatid, bunuosiya ng isang grupo de afinidad (affinity group) sa loob ng Federación Anarquista Ibérica (FAI—Iberianong Anarkistang Pederasyon). Noong Enero ng 1933, nakilahok siya sa isang himagsikang iniayos ng CNT, at noong 1935 natupad ng kanyang grupo de afinidad ang kanilang unang pagkamkam (expropriation) upang makalikom ng pondo para sa mga bilanggo.

Original Writing Republished

Kill Your Heroes: A Filipino Anarchist Discussion about National Heroes

Written by Malaginoo and first published by CrimethInc

On December 30, the day set aside to commemorate Dr. José Rizal, scientist, author, and icon of the Philippine Republic, it is only right to emulate his example by analyzing and critiquing our society. Our contributor Malaginoo focuses on a concept that informs how we regard Rizal and his contemporaries during the ascendance of “Filipino nationalism”: Heroes. Specifically, national heroes.

Southeast Asia

FedAO has concluded their organizing after the release of their incarcerated comrades

The saga of the Tangerang vandalism case has concluded. Federasi Anti Otoritarian released a final statement.

We, Federasi Anti Otoritarian (Fed AO) and Kolektif Kucing, are composed of individuals as well as collective federations formed on an ad hoc basis when our comrades were arrested and charged for vandalism in June 2020. We were coordinating and conducting our activities on a loose basis with no structural order. Our aim was to push up our comrades’ case so that it wouldn’t be overlooked or drowned by the gossip of some celebrities.

Original Writing

Ang Anarkistang Koreano ng Rebolusyonaryong Shinmin

Sinulat ni Simoun Magsalin. Pinasalamatan ni Simoun Magsalin sina Malaginoo at Lahumbuwan sa kanilang komento sa dating draft nito.

Siguro naman alam ng mga anarkista sa Kanluran tungkol sa rebolusyon sa Catalonia at sa Ukraine. Pero mayroong din kami sa Asya ating sariling anarkistang rebolusyon: ang Rebolusyonaryong Shinmin sa Manchuria noong 1929 hanggang 1931.

Original Writing

Alienation and Mass Organization

Written by Sitsirya.

This essay is the first of a two-part series titled “On the Mass Organization Paradigm in Activism.” It chronicles my mixed experiences and realizations as a member of a mass organization based in UP Diliman. I reflect on the alienation I experienced within the organization’s structure and practices, and how I never manifested as a true “activist” despite my affiliation. Later, concepts in anarchism will be explored as an alternative to the current “mass org paradigm” in PH student activism. This series is a call for the revolutionary space to remember humility and reflect on its inclusiveness going forward.

Pamphlets Republished Translations


Sinulat ni Cindy Milstein. Salin sa wikang Filipino ni Victoria Garcia. Unang nailathala ni Revolt Magazine. Read this in English on The Anarchist Library.

Sa ugat nito, ang anarkismo ay isang espiritu—na umiiyak laban sa lahat ng mga mali sa kasalukuyang lipunan, at walang alinlangang ipinapahayag ang lahat ng mga pupwedeng isaayos sa ilalim ng mga alternatibong uri ng panlipunang kaayusan. Maraming magkakaiba ngunit magkakarugtong na pagtingin sa anarkismo, pero sa madaling sabi, ito ay bibigyang kahulugan bilang ang pakikibaka tungo sa isang “malayang lipunan ng mga malayang indibiduwal.” Ang katagang ito ay maaaring masabi na napakasimple. Nakapaloob dito ang parehong pagpapahiwatig ng kritikong multi-dimensyonal at isang mapagpalawig, maaaring sensitibong, pagbubuo ng panibagong pagtingin.