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The Haunted Archipelago

Written by Isang Alipin.
Read this in Tagalog or Taglish.

Author’s note

I wrote this to shed light on Max Stirner’s egoism for individuals who live in the so-called “Philippines,” but it can also be for any individual that is interested regardless where they may live. For whomever is reading this: I want to inform you that this contains my interpretation of Stirner’s egoism and my views at the time of writing; however, I hope my interpretation and views can be of use to you.

Original Writing

Duterte is not incompetent

Written by Simoun Magsalin.
First published by Young Progressives Hub.

A certain narrative suggests that Rodrigo Duterte, the sitting president of the Philippines, is incompetent in addressing the covid-19 pandemic. 

The idea stems from the country’s overwhelming failure to contain SARS-CoV-2 transmissions. Thousands continue to be infected every day. The Philippines remains in the middle of the longest lockdown in the world while other countries already enjoy some return to normalcy. The Duterte administration also botched the vaccine roll-out, implementing mass vaccinations later than other countries did.

Original Writing

Strength in Smallness

An Anarchist response to “A Heritage of Smallness” by Nick Joaquin by Carolus Plebejus. You can read the original article here.

The Filipino identity has been discussed by one of its National Artists for Literature, Nick Joaquin through his essay; “A Heritage of Smallness”. He began his essay with this small paragraph: “Society for the Filipino is a small rowboat: the barangay. Geography for the Filipino is a small locality: the barrio. History for the Filipino is a small vague saying: matanda pa kay mahoma; noong peacetime. Enterprise for the Filipino is a small stall: the sari-sari. Industry and production for the Filipino are the small immediate searchings of each day: isang kahig, isang tuka. And commerce for the Filipino is the smallest degree of retail: the tingi.” The rest of the essay is a critique of everything small the Filipino has, saying that such smallness is what inhibits the Filipino from ever progressing over perceived aversion of scale. But is there anything wrong with such smallness?

Original Writing

Celebrating Independence Day Anew as Anarchists and Libertarians

Written by Malaginoo.

On the 12th of June, the Philippine Republic will celebrate Independence Day, on the day Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista declared the existence of a free and independent “Republic Filipina” against the colonial government of the Spanish East Indies in the town of Kawit, Cavite in 1898. Myth and legend has surrounded those events, such as the idea that Aguinaldo read the actual declaration on the balcony of his own house, both patently untrue.

However, these stories still circulate, largely because of the prestige and power June 12 holds in the history and consciousness of the people of the Philippines.

Aklas Republished

Why You (or anyone) Should NOT Start a Business

Mula sa mga nais umaklas. Inilathala ni Aklas.

A few years ago, like many of us, I had often dreamt of starting up a small business I can call my own. Like many, I never liked the idea of working for someone else. The fruits of my labor never fully benefited me nor the people I cared the most. So I thought it might be better for me to start considering setting my own shop.

Original Writing

On May Day Eve

Written by Malaginoo.

It’s hard to track how time flows in the quarantine. Events that happened long ago felt like they just happened yesterday, or the day before that. Meanwhile, the cries and calls of the last May Day still feel as fresh and ripe, as if the sun has set only once this past year. We can see why that is the case anyway. We still face the same issues. We still reject the repression forced onto us. We still reject the same impunity that continues to be strengthened by those in power, all while we are facing a crisis and threat to our own health.

Original Writing Translations

Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan/How to Start a Community Pantry

Isinulat ng mga abolisyonistang anonymous. 

I-download ang kasamang flyer! 

Tagalog: Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan

Dumarami na ang mga community pantry o bodegang bayan na nagpapatunay na handa tayong magtulungan dahil tayo-tayo na lang ang maaasahan natin. Ngayong araw, pag-uusapan natin kung paano simulan ito para sa inyo komunidad, na paraan para makahanap ng marami pang taong gustong baguhin at palaguin ang ating mundo.

Southeast Asia Statement Translations

Announcing a Southeast Asian Anarchist Library

The Southeast Asian Anarchist Library is the newest offering from The Anarchist Library which features multilingual anarchist literature from Southeast Asia or in Southeast Asian languages.

Visit the Southeast Asian Anarchist Library!


Bakit Bandilang Itim?

Isinalin mula sa “Why the Black Flag?” nasa Reinventing Anarchy, Again (1996) ni Howard J. Ehrlich, pp 31-32. Sinalin ni Simoun Magsalin.

Ang bandilang itim ay ang simbolo ng anarkiya. Pumupukaw nito ng iba’t-ibang mga damdamin tulad ng takot hanggang sa kasiyahan sa mga kinikilala ’to. Alamin natin kung ano ang ibig sabihin nito upang makita ’to sa higit pang mga pampublikong pagtitipon… Kontra sa lahat ng pamahalaan ang mga anarkista kasi naniniwala sila na ang malaya at mulat na kamalayan ng mga sarili ay ang pinakadakilang lakas ng mga pangkatan at ng mismong lipunan. Naniniwala ang mga anarkista sa pansariling responsibilidad at pagkukusa at sa buong-pusong pakikipagtulungan ng mga pangkatan na binubuo ng mga malayang indibidwal. Kabaligtaran ng mithiin ito ang pamahalaan, at umaasa ito sa malupit na puwersa at pandaraya upang padaliin ang pamamahalaan ng marami sa iilan lamang. Kung napatunayan ang itong malupit at mapanlinlang proseso sa mga gawa-gawang konsepto tulad ng dibinong karapatan ng mga hari, ang demokratikong halalan, o ang rebolusyonaryong pamahalaan ng mamamayan ay may kaunting pagkakaiba sa mga anarkista. Tinatanggihan namin ang buong konsepto ng pamahalaan mismo at iginigiit namin ang pag-asa sa kakayahang malutas ang problema ng mga malayang tao.

Original Writing

Defend our Free Spaces! Defend UP!

Written by Hubren Estor.

The Duterte regime’s attacks on our civil liberties continue, this time aimed towards the youth. Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana announced that the DND would unilaterally terminate the UP–DND Accord, effective January 15. This targeted attack by the state is nothing new or unprecedented from Duterte’s henchmen.