Bandilang Itim is but one collective in an archipelago of collectives in the Philippines. Below are other collectives operating in the archipelago or its diaspora. (Contact us here if you were looking for our contact information.) Also included are some of our comrades in the greater Southeast Asian area.

Philippines and Philippine Diaspora

Bandilang Itim

That’s us! Bandilang Itim aims to be a banner that rallies together anarchists and libertarians in the archipelago known as the Philippines. Para sa pagpapalawig ng kaisipan ng kalayaan.

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ABOLISYON! is an abolitionist working group dedicated to promoting abolitionist politics in the archipelago.

abolisyon [at] subvertising [dot] org

Anarchipelago Kollective

Anarchipelago Kollective is a group of multi-tendency leftists working in struggle against authoritarianism. Our story is that of unbelonging—though our origins are from the island nation-state known today as the Philippines, we are also moving through diaspora and displacement, through the white supremacist matrix of the United States, the rigid binaries of gender and sexuality, the space in between here and there. We have also come together out of shared frustration and disillusionment towards the hegemonic groups of the Philippine left.

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This blog tries to convince that you are capable of Change you’re waiting to happen. While we are all in this together, allow me to say this: NOW is the time to help one another!


Friendship Anarchy / Growing in the Cracks of Empire

Filipino kids trying out their hand in writing stuff on friendship, environment, feminism, religion, language, sociology, decolonization, and revolution.



An individualist and market anarchist publication. Freedom through freedom. You cannot institute anarchy, you tend to it. Uprooting a system in favor of another system repeats the cycle of oppression. If freedom is what we truly seek, then our praxis and mindsets should be outside the ideas of hierarchy and authority. If they punch downward, strike upwards.


Makó Micro-Press

Makó Micro-Press is a mode of relationship or “ugnayan” – in the form of a micro, self-publishing press – which aims to create and sustain counter-hegemonic cultures through zines and other DIY (Do-It-Yourself) artworks.

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Safehouse Infoshop

The Safehouse Infoshop is a space in Quezon City where people can get free info on alternative, non-authoritarian lifestyles.

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Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Anarchist Library | Southeast Asia

An Anarchist Library for Southeast Asia. Anarchist texts from/about Southeast Asia in English, Bahasa Indonesia/Melayu, Tagalog, Bisaya, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, & 中文.

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Cempaka Collective | Malaysia

Cempaka Collective is a three-person affinity group that collects anarcho-feminism narratives from Southeast Asia.

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Anti Feminist Feminist Club | Indonesia

Anti Feminist Feminist Club (AFFC) is a blog that is a collection of texts on anti-authoritarian feminism, anarcha-feminism, or socialist-libertarian feminism in Bahasa Indonesian.

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Rimpang | Indonesia

Rimpang is a catalyst for achieving a fully sovereign and autonomous future. Rimpang uphold all forms of praxis based on love, love and joy. Liberation cannot be built with new traumas. Have fun upstream, laughing to the shore.

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Boba Design Collective | Southeast Asia

Creatives and designers against tyranny in the Asia-Pacific.

bdcollective [at] protonmail [dot] com


Palang Hitam | Indonesia

The Palang Hitam is an anarchist black cross federation for Indonesia. They do black cross work in prisoner support.

Website | Instagram

Federasi Anti-Otoritarian | Indonesia

The Anti-authoritarian Federation (FedAO) is a organization at the forefront of resisting authoritarianism in Indonesia.