Original Writing

Sensationalism and Smokescreens

Written by Butingtaon.

Once again, the nation has been gripped by another death: that of Christine Dacera, where, for lack of details from the as-of-yet confidential autopsy results and for the peace of mind of our readers, we will not go into the details of what happened. All that we know so far is that this is a tragedy and that her family is still grieving.

Original Writing

A Call to Arms

Written by APS for his personal blog,
and republished by Bandilang Itim.


We are a circle of friends who have come to a realization that the world as it is has not only failed us but is also actively antagonistic towards Art as a form of individual expression and oppressive towards the Soul as the sum total of human experiences. We have come to a consensus that this toxic state of affairs is not the product of an individual, nor even a group of individuals, but a byproduct of how our society is organized. There are three main things which we consider to be the cause:

Issue 1 Original Writing

Intervention on the Filipino Mindspace: Identity and Belonging in an age of Social Media

Original article by APS, originally published on his blog, revised for Bandilang Itim.

Attorney Oli Reyes mentioned in a viral tweet how foreign youtubers were taking advantage of the Filipino need for global validation to garner more views – and therefore, ad revenue. But what is going on here? What does that mean for us as people? Does anyone care?