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The Tangerang Vandalism Case: The Court Decides Guilt Despite Torture and Inappropriate Application of Articles

A report by the Federasi Anti-Otoritarian.

On September 28, 2020 the Tangerang District Court (Pengadilan Negeri) judges read out the verdict of the the anti-authoritarians accused of vandalism. The judges sentenced Muhammad Riski Riyanto Bin Abdul Syukur (age 21) and Rio Imanuel Adolof Pattinama (aka Petrus Adolof Pattinama; age 23) to prison for 10 months in case No: 1136/Pid.Sus/2020/PN Tng. They were declared to have spread false news and to have deliberately spread disturbances among the people as regulated in Article 14 Paragraph (1) of Law Number 1, Year 1946, concerning Criminal Law Regulation.

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Banner Drop Action by Malaysian Comrades

Communication received via email.


We were told by friends in Malaysia that the transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic has gradually subsided since the pandemic struck earlier this year.

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The Libertarian Elements in the Philippine Archipelago

Written by Simoun Magsalin and published at Anarchist Studies Blog.

Part of a series of articles drawn from the 6th International Anarchist Studies Network Conference, September 2020. Edited excerpt from a longer piece entitled ‘Towards an Anarchism in the Philippine Archipelago’.

On Contextualizing Anarchism

Anarchists in a particular area cannot simply import anarchism wholesale. Anarchism must contextualize itself in the specific contexts of where it exists.

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Die schwarze Fahne auf die Philippinen bringen – Ein Interview mit Bandilang Itim

The Commoner spricht mit Bandilang Itim, einer Organisation, die Anarchist:innen und Libertäre auf den Philippinen zusammenschließt. 

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von SchwarzerPfeil.

Diese revolutionäre anarchistische Plattform, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, das Banner zu sein, das Anarchist:innen und Libertäre in der Region zusammenbringt, verpflichtet sich, originelle, gut informierte Inhalte zu lokalen Themen und Ereignissen zu produzieren und die Schriften und Ideen anderer Anarchist:innen und Libertären aus der Region und ihrer Diaspora zu verbreiten. Schaut euch auf jeden Fall ihre sehr professionellen Pamphlete und Zines an und folgt ihnen auf Twitter, um über ihre neuen Veranstaltungen zu erfahren. In diesem Interview fragt The Commoner Mitglieder, was sie erreichen wollen, wie sie sich organisieren und wie sie mit den Kämpfen umgehen, denen sie auf den Philippinen begegnen.


Bringing the Black Flag to the Philippines — An Interview with Bandilang Itim

The Commoner talks to Bandilang Itim, an organisation rallying together anarchists and libertarians in the so-called Philippines.

Retrieved from The Commoner.

Proudly flying the black flag in the archipelago known as the Philippines are our next interviewees: Bandilang Itim. Aiming to be the banner that rallies together anarchists and libertarians in the region, this revolutionary anarchist publishing platform commits itself to producing original, well-informed content on local issues and events, and disseminating the writing and ideas of other anarchists and libertarians from the area and its diaspora. Be sure to check out their very professional pamphlets and zines, and follow them on Twitter to hear about their new events. In this interview, we ask their members what they wish to achieve, how they organise themselves, and how they deal with the struggles they face in the Philippines.

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Especifismo: Ang Anarkistang Pamamaraan sa Pagbuo ng mga Kilalang Samahan at Rebolusyonaryong Kilusan

Sinulat ni Adam Weaver at Tinagalog ng isang anonymous tagasalin. Inilathala ni Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

Makasining na paglalarawan ng babaeng nakataas ang kamao at may lilang buhok. Unang nalathala sa “Northeastern Anarchist #11” noong Tagsibol (Spring) 2006, Ang Anarkistang Pamamaraan sa Pagbuo ng mga Kilalang Samahan at Rebolusyonaryong Kilusan ay naging pambungad na artikulo sa wikang ingles ukol sa koncepto ng especifismo. Bagamat maikli at limitado ang saklaw, ito ay naging pamantayang teksto na pambungad sa mga pagsasalin sa ibat ibang wika at ngayon ay ginagamit na ng mga samahang pampulitika sa Latin America. Ito ay batay sa mga nauna nang pagsasaling wika at pakikipagpalitan ng mga kuru kuro ni Pedro Rebeiro na isang anarkistang Brazilian-American, nguni’t nang simulan niya itong ilathala nagsimula na rin ang iba’t ibang uri ng pagsasaling wika nito na lalong nagpalalim, nagpaigting at nagpayaman sa pag-unawa sa especifismo. Kabilang na rito ang Federacion Anarkista Uruguaya’s 1972 theoretical piece na “Huerta Grande” at ang maraming kabanatang aklat na “ Social Anarchism and Organization” ng Federacao Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro (FARJ).

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The Never-ending Martial Law: An Anarchist Reflection on the 21st of September

Written by Malaginoo.

To ignore and forget the declaration of Martial Law, the infamous yet eclectic day of September 21st of 1972 that continues to govern our social consciousness is to reject outright what has made us people of this archipelago. It would be catastrophic to do so while many of its guiding principles continue as state policy. Crony companies are still alive and kicking, controlling the local economy without competition or consideration for their workers. Local and national politics is dominate by the same players even the children and grandchildren of the dictator. All while the debt and financial ruin that was incurred by the State continues to drain Filipinos pockets dry every year.


Anarkista Ka Ba? Alamin!

Isang pagtatangka sa pagsasalin ng “Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!” ni David Graeber sa Tagalog. Tinagalog ni Miyungs at i-edit ni Lahumbuwan.

Paunang Salita

Ang akdang ito ay isang adaptasyon o pag-aangkop sa wikang Tagalog ng orihinal na sulatin ni David Graeber na pinamagatang “Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You!”

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To U.S. Anti-Fascists: Resist Joseph Scott Pemberton’s Return to the United States

An open letter by Filipino and Filipinx autonomists in the so-called Philippines and diasporas.

To our comrades in Turtle Island,

The long shadow of white supremacy reaches all the way to the archipelago known as the Philippines. Joseph Scott Pemberton — the transphobe who was convicted for the murder of transwoman Jennifer Laude — has been pardoned by President Rodrigo Duterte.

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Abolitionism against pandemic policing in the Philippines

Written by Simoun Magsalin for ROAR Magazine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly brought out the worst in the Philippine government. Instead of treating the pandemic as a public health crisis, the state is treating it as a security issue and has responded by deploying its extremely violent security apparatus.