Original Writing Pamphlets

To Be Queer is to Love All

Written by Malaginoo.

Content and trigger warning: This text discusses physical, mental, and sexual abuse, discrimination, and murder committed against queer people.

For the first time, I’m going to speak in the first person, because contrary to the belief of religious conservatives and macho-fascists, there is no such thing as a Gay Agenda™, and the queer community isn’t a monolith. I cannot write for all queers, nor the communities I have come to know and love in my less than two decades of existence in the world. No, they have their own stories to tell, and they have their own time to tell it. I have mine. I can only write for myself, but that’s a good start, isn’t it?

Original Writing Statement

Crackdown at Pride! Free the Pride 20!

A statement from Bandilang Itim.

As we pass the 100th day in the longest and harshest quarantine in the world, we find ourselves in no better position to combat the COVID-19. All dissent is criminalized, [1]Simoun Magsalin, “Against a Quarantine with Martial Law Characteristics,” Bandilang Itim and the lapsing of the Anti-Terror Bill, with its vague definition of what is considered as “terrorism” effectively legislates and normalizes the Philippines as a police state, without having to declare martial law. This is the kind of political maneuvering that would’ve made Marcos proud.


1 Simoun Magsalin, “Against a Quarantine with Martial Law Characteristics,” Bandilang Itim