Anarchipelago Kollective Diaspora

Solidarity from the Diaspora to those in the Philippines

Those of us at Anarchipelago this May Day would like to extend our heartfelt solidarity to our autonomous and anarchist comrades in the so-called Philippines organizing in their neighborhoods for mutual aid and resisting authoritarian enforcement of COVID-19 measures.

These measures include house raids, mass arrests, and the militarization of the streets.

Government is doing the only thing it knows how, use violence, in order to harass, intimidate, and imprison people to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In the past few months it has been shown that countries that slowed the spread of COVID-19 have not used military force to accomplish that goal. It simply doesn’t work. We commend our comrades in Tagay Collective and others like them who are providing mutual aid and taking action.

With all our love, and all our rage,

Some Filipinx diaspora