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Against emergency: The interlinked struggles in Hong Kong and the Philippines

States around the world are criminalizing dissent in response to a global and ongoing wave of uprisings.

By JN from Lausan and Simoun Magsalin from Bandilang Itim. (Graphic: spf.pdf for Lausan.) Originally published by Lausan

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the widespread failure of states across the world to carry out the function of providing healthcare and proper protective resources to its citizens. Many have risen in revolt across the world against this flagrant abandonment by their governments, whose unconscionable exposure of the most vulnerable and marginalized to infection only serves to maintain the flow of global capital. The social chaos that has ensued has created an apt cover for governments to begin consolidating their own power, wielding the threat of “emergency” to ram through legislation that consolidates their unaccountable monopoly on violence.