Original Writing

Presumption of Trust

Written by Carolus Plebejus.

The year 2016 was the year in which an elected administration whose goal is to capitalize on growing mass distrust of the people against each other as its brand of fascistic populism has been seated. Ever since then, the Duterte administration has been gaslighting its own people for its own failures, rendering them as troublemakers, contrarians, and suspected narcotic abusers through its online armies of trolls, fanatics, and grandstanding spokespeople, apart from the president’s own dirty mouth.

Original Writing Translations

Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan/How to Start a Community Pantry

Isinulat ng mga abolisyonistang anonymous. 

I-download ang kasamang flyer! 

Tagalog: Paano Magsimula ng Bodegong Bayan

Dumarami na ang mga community pantry o bodegang bayan na nagpapatunay na handa tayong magtulungan dahil tayo-tayo na lang ang maaasahan natin. Ngayong araw, pag-uusapan natin kung paano simulan ito para sa inyo komunidad, na paraan para makahanap ng marami pang taong gustong baguhin at palaguin ang ating mundo.


Survival of the Fittest in the Time of Pandemic

Written and initially published by Safehouse Infoshop on Facebook.

People often equate Charles Darwin’s notion of “survival of the fittest” with competition. People think that the natural way of the world requires some sort of battle. This is also often translated in how we deal with other people. “It’s either myself or others,” that’s how many people justify cruelty and domination. But if we think closely, survival of the fittest does not always mean competition.