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What if there are no police & prisons?

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“Communities of care are alternatives to policing.”

Bungad ng 2021 at binibigyan na tayo ng sindikatong estado ng mga karima-rimarim ngunit lehitimong dahilan para sila’y buwagin, kasama ang mga aparato nitong kapulisan na siyang nangunguna sa panlilinlang at pagsisinungaling.

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Abolitionism against pandemic policing in the Philippines

Written by Simoun Magsalin for ROAR Magazine.

The COVID-19 pandemic has truly brought out the worst in the Philippine government. Instead of treating the pandemic as a public health crisis, the state is treating it as a security issue and has responded by deploying its extremely violent security apparatus.

Original Writing

Black Cross: A Proposal for an Abolitionist Prisoner Support Group

Proposal by Simoun Magsalin.

With the Terror Bill now becoming Terror Law, we can expect an increase of arrests and suppression from the State. Indeed just one day after the signing of the Terror law, eleven protesters were warrantlessly arrested and became known as the Cabuyao 11. It is in this climate that having an abolitionist prisoner support group may be necessity. What follows is a sketch of a Black Cross organization, a proposal for an organization that would do prisoner support and advocate for prison and police abolition. The abolitionist advocacy would be what differentiates the Black Cross from other prisoner support groups.

Original Writing

Detainment is Death in the Pandemic!

Written by Simoun Magsalin.

Umaapaw na raw ang kulungan. [The jails are overflowing.] Nearly 30,000 people were reportedly arrested under the quarantine in the Philippines, with more than 4,000 of these arrested detained, based on a report dated April 18, 2020.1 Doubtless, more have since been arrested and detained since then. The police even went on record saying there will no longer be any more warnings to the alleged “quarantine violators” and will arrest people as they see fit,2 likely straining the capacities of the already overstretched jails and prisons.

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