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Asia Art Tours Interviews Bandilang Itim: Philippines & Anarchism

Asia Art Tours interviews Bandilang Itim.
Taken from: Part 1, Part 2.

To better understand the history of Anarchism in the Philippines and the state terror unleashed by Rodrigo Duterte, we were thrilled to speak with the Bandilang Itim collective. 

Asia Art Tours: From this summer of global uprisings, one of the main lessons I took away was the importance of translation. When it comes to Bandilang Itim (a Tagalog translation of ‘Black Flag’) could you let us know (and take as much time as you’d like), historically what are some of the most important abolitionist/anarchist/communist terms that define the leftism of the Philippines?

Butingtaon: With the recent laws passed to supposedly mitigate the effects of the pandemic, I think one term we should be keeping an eye on is “Solidarity,” which we at Bandilang Itim translate as “Bayanihan.” As opposed to the “Patriotism” and “Nationalism” that is constantly being invoked by those in power and those with harmful motives (very often, the same people) to maintain unity with those who continue to exploit the inhabitants of this archipelago we’ve come to call the Philippines; We offer in its place Solidarity, caring for and supporting your fellow human being, recognizing that overcoming your shared weaknesses is how we build our shared strength.

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Die schwarze Fahne auf die Philippinen bringen – Ein Interview mit Bandilang Itim

The Commoner spricht mit Bandilang Itim, einer Organisation, die Anarchist:innen und Libertäre auf den Philippinen zusammenschließt. 

Übersetzt ins Deutsche von SchwarzerPfeil.

Diese revolutionäre anarchistische Plattform, die sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, das Banner zu sein, das Anarchist:innen und Libertäre in der Region zusammenbringt, verpflichtet sich, originelle, gut informierte Inhalte zu lokalen Themen und Ereignissen zu produzieren und die Schriften und Ideen anderer Anarchist:innen und Libertären aus der Region und ihrer Diaspora zu verbreiten. Schaut euch auf jeden Fall ihre sehr professionellen Pamphlete und Zines an und folgt ihnen auf Twitter, um über ihre neuen Veranstaltungen zu erfahren. In diesem Interview fragt The Commoner Mitglieder, was sie erreichen wollen, wie sie sich organisieren und wie sie mit den Kämpfen umgehen, denen sie auf den Philippinen begegnen.


Bringing the Black Flag to the Philippines — An Interview with Bandilang Itim

The Commoner talks to Bandilang Itim, an organisation rallying together anarchists and libertarians in the so-called Philippines.

Retrieved from The Commoner.

Proudly flying the black flag in the archipelago known as the Philippines are our next interviewees: Bandilang Itim. Aiming to be the banner that rallies together anarchists and libertarians in the region, this revolutionary anarchist publishing platform commits itself to producing original, well-informed content on local issues and events, and disseminating the writing and ideas of other anarchists and libertarians from the area and its diaspora. Be sure to check out their very professional pamphlets and zines, and follow them on Twitter to hear about their new events. In this interview, we ask their members what they wish to achieve, how they organise themselves, and how they deal with the struggles they face in the Philippines.

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Advertising Anarchy

Written by Ponkan on his personal blog, republished by request on Bandilang Itim.

Throughout history Anarchism and Anarchies have long been known to appear and explode as vibrant as it is sporadic. At its most practical, it has been long defined by bursts of activity and small, however self-professing or simply resemblant it is.

Most of this intermittent yet persistent attitude is brought by the movement’s preference for solutions-based activity over theory. If there is any, its most seminal ones do not play around its own philosophy–it is unfettered and blunt aside from some bents towards propagandistic and erudite language. Why wait, nay–prepare for the coming upheaval when you can make liberation happen yourself? Direct action!

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Being forced to do anything, with anyone

Article by Ponkan. Originally published at in 2018 and revised for Bandilang Itim.

So anarchy’s all about doing whatever the hell we want, right?