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Anarchism 101

A zine by Adrienne Onday. Read as a zine.

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What is anarchism?

Contrary to popular belief, anarchy ≠ chaos. The reason that people think it means chaos is because of its rejection of government from above (namely, by politicians and officials) in favor of a government by the people.

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An Open Letter of a Part-Time Instructor from PUP

A submitted open letter by Jose Mario De Vega with a foreword and afterword by Simoun Magsalin.

A Foreword

Simoun Magsalin

Bandilang Itim received this open letter from a former part-time instructor from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), a state university.

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Supak sa Anti-Terror Bill

Gisulat ni Malaginoo, paghubad ni Sintabasan gikan sa orihinal “Against the Terror of Anti-Terror.”

Hapit nata makasabot nato ang kamatuoran sa nawong sa gobyerno: usa ka tambutso na gilupigan ang tanang tao samtang gi-sangga ag mga kaibog sa mga gahuman. Bag-o pa nga nag-estorya ag uban ug Lockdown ug Quarantine sa panahon sa COVID, naa nay problema sa pag-usab sa Human Securuty Act, usa ka balaod nga nagdikta sa unsa man ag terrorismo. Paghuman ug pipila ka adlaw sa pagpolitika, pamakak ug pag-sangil, binuga sa kamara ag 2020 Anti-Terror Act (ATA).1

  1. See a report on the proposed law: Neil Arwin Mercado, “Longer warrantless detention among features of Lacson anti-terror bill.” Philippine Daily Inquirer. October 02, 2019. []
Republished Southeast Asia

Update on Anti-Authoritarian Prisoners Involved in Vandalism (Tangerang and Bekasi, Indonesia)

Saturday, July 25th 2020; report written by the Anti-authoritarian Federation (FedAO).

Three anti-authoritarian detainees from Tangerang and Bekasi (Indonesia) are charged with “provocation” for spraying graffiti and can be charged up to ten years in prison. The police have unlawfully isolated them from their families and legal aides. A report written by the Anti-authoritarian Federation (FedAO) of Indonesia and an update to “Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Tangerang and Bekasi in Indonesia.”

Original Writing Statement

Interlinking our Struggles in Gender and Queer Issues

A statement from Bandilang Itim.

Silence is not golden

Some among us in Bandilang Itim are men who are cisgender and/or heterosexual. As cis/het men in Bandilang Itim who are raised with the privilege of being men, we are not experts on gender or queer issues nor have experience as women or queer. This ought not mean we stay silent on the issues that confront our sisters and queer siblings. As Adrienne Onday declares in her important piece, “Wrath Over Pride: A call-out post to ‘radical’ cis (het) men and their inadequacy in gender struggles,” “[Y]our silence is violence to us.” Our silence is violence to those struggling against gender-based oppression. We have people we love—partners, family, comrades, and friends—who are queer or who are women, and we owe it to them to speak against cisheteronormative discrimination and patriarchal practices that persist in our milieus and in our spaces. Queer people and women are angry that they still experience discrimination, infantilization, and oppression within our spaces. They are tired that they are consistently alone when they speak out against their own oppression. Not having queer experiences is not a reason for staying silent. If we do not have these experiences or expertise, we then ought to defer to the experiences of queer people and women. The issue of silence, censorship, or ignorance of women or queer issues is also a violence itself. When we are silent we are accomplices to the violence of the patriarchal system and the intricate network of oppression. We must join women and queer people and speak out for and with them especially in situations and spaces where they may not be able to speak for themselves.


International Solidarity with the Social Revolution in Rojava

An international statement signed by Bandilang Itim.

We will defend the social revolution in Rojava with all our power. The bloodthirsty imperialist interventions can be suspended only by the coordinated internationalist actions of the oppressed classes.

The New Terror Bill in the Philippines: Another Front in the Worldwide Struggle against Tyranny

Written by A.S. Sakdal with an introduction from CrimethInc. Originally published by the CrimethInc. Ex-Worker Collective

Yesterday, a new “anti-terror” law went into effect in the Philippines, marking another stage in the worldwide rise of autocracy. The law enables authorities to warrantlessly arrest and detain anyone for two weeks or more on the sole suspicion of inciting terrorism “by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, banners or other representations,” even “without taking any direct part in the commission of terrorism.” What constitutes terrorism is defined at the whims of the Anti-Terrorism Council, a group comprised almost entirely of members of authoritarian president Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet.

Original Writing Republished

Against emergency: The interlinked struggles in Hong Kong and the Philippines

States around the world are criminalizing dissent in response to a global and ongoing wave of uprisings.

By JN from Lausan and Simoun Magsalin from Bandilang Itim. (Graphic: spf.pdf for Lausan.) Originally published by Lausan

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the widespread failure of states across the world to carry out the function of providing healthcare and proper protective resources to its citizens. Many have risen in revolt across the world against this flagrant abandonment by their governments, whose unconscionable exposure of the most vulnerable and marginalized to infection only serves to maintain the flow of global capital. The social chaos that has ensued has created an apt cover for governments to begin consolidating their own power, wielding the threat of “emergency” to ram through legislation that consolidates their unaccountable monopoly on violence.


The Oppressed Classes Rise Up Against Racism and Discrimination

A statement co-signed by Bandilang Itim.

The murder of George Floyd in the United States by the police has unleashed a wave of popular outrage in that country and throughout the world. Massive demonstrations, direct action against the police and in response to repression have been common these past weeks. This murder, adding to thousands of others, revives the widespread protests of 2014 in the United States, following the many murders of black people, especially youth.

Original Writing

Wrath Over Pride: A call-out post to “radical” cis (het) men and their inadequacy in gender struggles

Written by Adrienne Onday and originally published at friendship anarchy.

I want to talk about gender issues in “progressive/radical/revolutionary spaces” before Pride Month ends because it’s so important. I need to call out cis (het) men1 in radical/progressive spaces—especially the anarchist, Marxist, or generally progressive men that I see around or know.

  1. For those who might not know: cis is shorthand for “cisgendered,” meaning your gender matches your assigned sex at birth, while het is shorthand for “heterosexual” or straight. I put het in parentheses because the behaviors I am calling out are not only present in cisgendered heterosexual men but sometimes even cisgendered homosexual or bisexual men; however it is often in cis het men that the behaviors are observable. This specification is important because of the way cis men are raised in a society that privileges their experiences and realities while treating any other experiences and realities as wrong or deviant or subhuman. []