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Kill Your Heroes

Written by Malaginoo and first published by CrimethInc

On December 30, the day set aside to commemorate Dr. José Rizal, scientist, author, and icon of the Philippine Republic, it is only right to emulate his example by analyzing and critiquing our society. Our contributor Malaginoo focuses on a concept that informs how we regard Rizal and his contemporaries during the ascendance of “Filipino nationalism”: Heroes. Specifically, national heroes.


The New Terror Bill in the Philippines: Another Front in the Worldwide Struggle against Tyranny

Written by A.S. Sakdal with an introduction from CrimethInc. Originally published by the CrimethInc. Ex-Worker Collective

Yesterday, a new “anti-terror” law went into effect in the Philippines, marking another stage in the worldwide rise of autocracy. The law enables authorities to warrantlessly arrest and detain anyone for two weeks or more on the sole suspicion of inciting terrorism “by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, banners or other representations,” even “without taking any direct part in the commission of terrorism.” What constitutes terrorism is defined at the whims of the Anti-Terrorism Council, a group comprised almost entirely of members of authoritarian president Rodrigo Duterte’s cabinet.

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Upang Baguhin ang Lahat

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Sa Pag-Usab Sa Tanang Butang: usa ka anarkistang pagsangpit

Ito ay isang polyeto ni CrimethInc. Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Kung naa kay mabag-o nga bisan unsang butang, unsa ang imong gusto ma-usab? Mobakasyon ba ka sa tibuok nimong kinabuhi? Mahimong ang fossil fuel makapaundang sa pag bag-o sa klima (climate change)? Nga ang mga bangko ug mga politico aduna’y panglantaw nga ethical? Kung hunahunaon, ang tinuod, gapadayonon lang ang mga karaang pamaagi unya gadahum ug laing resulta.