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Social Revolution is the Solution

Written by Bas Umali in October 2011. Published in May 2020 by Alimpuyo Press. Translation into English and edits by the author with help from Maku Felix. (Basahin sa Filipino.)

This is a republished article written by anarchists in the archipelago known as the Philippines or its diaspora. We at Bandilang Itim wish to highlight and disseminate these works to better propagate the ideas of anarchism in the archipelago.

The political exercise that is taking place in the United States is a manifestation of the worsening crisis of capitalism, where one percent of the population of the world has the sole control of the labor, resources, facilities and tools that were supposed to develop and expand the potentials of the world populations’ 99 percent.

Pamphlets Republished Translations

Sa Pag-Usab Sa Tanang Butang: usa ka anarkistang pagsangpit

Ito ay isang polyeto ni CrimethInc. Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Kung naa kay mabag-o nga bisan unsang butang, unsa ang imong gusto ma-usab? Mobakasyon ba ka sa tibuok nimong kinabuhi? Mahimong ang fossil fuel makapaundang sa pag bag-o sa klima (climate change)? Nga ang mga bangko ug mga politico aduna’y panglantaw nga ethical? Kung hunahunaon, ang tinuod, gapadayonon lang ang mga karaang pamaagi unya gadahum ug laing resulta.

Pamphlets Republished Translations

Repormer At Pulitiko

Ito ay isang sipi mula sa aklat What is Communist Anarchism? ni Alexander Berkman, at tinagalog nito ni Mindsetbreaker Press. Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Pamphlets Republished Translations

Anarkiya at Pamahalaan

Ang “Anarkiya at Pamahalaan” ay isang sipi at pinaikling sanaysay mula sa aklat Anarchy ni Errico Malatesta. 

Inilathala namin ito sa Bandilang Itim para sa kahalagahan nito sa mga anarkisista sa kapuluan.

Republished Translations

“Dalawang Magbubukid” ni Errico Malatesta

Dalawang Magbubukid is a Tagalog translation of Errico Malatesta’s classic pamphlet, Fra Contadini or as it is known in English, Between PeasantsFra Contadini is a dialogue between two farmers on anarchism and anarcho-communism.

A Spanish translation of Fra Contadini translated as Entre Campesinos was brought to the Philippines by Isabelo de los Reyes, often known as the first Filipino socialist. de los Reyes used the principles of Entre Campesinos and another book about Marx to set up the Union Obrera Democratica (UOD) in 1902. The UOD is known as the very first Filipino labor federation.

The Spanish copy of Fra Contadini, known as Entre Campesinos was translated by Arturo Soriano to Tagalog, translating under the pseudonym “Kabisang Tales” (Kabisang Tales was a character from Jose Rizal’s widely popular second novel El Filibusterismo). The translated title Dalawang Magbubukid literally means “Two Rural Folk.” Dalawang Magbubukid was published by Limbagang Tagumpay in 1913.

Dalawang Magbubukid is the first (and quite possibly the only) book on anarchism in Tagalog from the American colonial period. The copy of Dalawang Magbubukid attached herein was scanned from the University of Santo Tomas Miguel de Benavides Library.

You may download the text scanned as-is here. A somewhat cleaned scan is available here. You may read this in English translated as Between Peasants at The Anarchist Library.

The Bandilang Itim collective is still in the process of converting the text to a more readable format. We will update this page when it is available.